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Retire In The Western Cape

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Are you thinking of retiring? Retirement Villages Western Cape has got everything covered!

The Western Cape is considered the most beautiful province in South Africa. This magnificent area is popular with overseas visitors and locals alike, and it is easy to see why. The climate is the Mediterranean, the natural scenery is beautiful, and there is even a choice of fantastic wine producers in the area. And which other province in the world is bounded by two oceans?

Here at the Western Cape, you even have a choice of oceans to dip your toes in; the cool Atlantic on the Eastern coast and the warmer tropical Indian Ocean on the West.

No surprise then that Retirement Villages Western Cape is popular with people looking to spend their later years in beautiful surroundings, safety and comfort.

Retirement Villages Western Cape offers fantastic benefits and opportunities. The area is home to magnificent golf courses, superb beaches, and abundant natural beauty. In addition, because it is such a popular draw for retirees, anyone who comes here will soon find like-minded friends. There is a unique social scene in many retirement villages, so if you fancy a laid-back yet friendly lifestyle, you can find it in this area.

Not all Retirement Villages are the same.

Although retirement villages in the Western Cape are designed and maintained to an extremely high standard, the best way to choose the best location is to come and see for yourself.

Most retirement villages have a wide range of facilities to help you manage your life independently, even if you have health issues. And although you may feel that assisted living is not yet a significant issue, you can be confident that you will be able to continue your life safely and comfortably without any disability holding you back.

Check out the vibe of the retirement village by spending some time as a visitor in each one; this will help you see whether or not retirement village living is for you and give you a chance to speak with residents and get the inside story of each location. All retirement villages have a different atmosphere, so it’s a great idea to check this out before you commit.

A retirement village in Western Cape is an excellent choice for residents.

If you are already lucky enough to live in the Western Cape, choosing a retirement village in your local area gives you the best of both worlds. You can easily maintain contact with family and friends in the area, yet you can live independently, forming new friendships and enjoying your life in luxury and style. You may worry about becoming a burden on your family as you age, so choosing a retirement village can give your whole family peace of mind, especially when they see you enjoying your new life.

Retirement villages Western Cape are not just for Western Cape residents.

If you are not a Western Cape resident, relocating to the area may seem daunting, but it is a good choice. A lovely location with thousands of retirees from all over South Africa and even overseas, so you will not be isolated without nearby family and friends.

Retirement Villages Western Cape is enjoyable and offers a fantastic quality of life to the over 55s. The great thing is that many retirement villages provide additional accommodation, and with spacious rental units, you don’t want them to prevent you from receiving visitors. They probably will.

Retirement Villages George

With its moderate climate and low crime rate, George has become a trendy destination for retirees. It’s also very central, making it easy to get around and explore the Garden Route.

There are many high-quality retirement villages in George, with different price tags and facilities, so you must find one that meets your specific needs.

I am planning an article more specifically on George and the surrounding area. It is not just a hot spot for people who retire. People of all ages flock there.

Somerset West

Somerset West is a beautiful town in the Helderberg Basin and is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the Western Cape well located, has easy access to the beach and mountains, and has a lovely climate. The town has many amenities and activities, making it ideal for retirees. Very close to Cape Town and the airport for people looking for a semi-retirement plan.

Questions & Answers

How do I decide where to retire?

Probably the most challenging question to answer, and I will post just about that. First, decide where you want to be. Find estate agents in that area, speak to a salesperson or the sales manager and take it from there.

The different needs that can influence your decision.

palliative care

frail care

easy access


beautiful gardens







clubs and bar





Where is the Western Cape

I got the picture on Pinterest.

I had the privilege to visit many towns in the region, but you can spend a year in the Western Cape and not see everything. Cape Town is in the middle, so if you look on a map, it goes all the way down the coast to Knysna up in the Karoo past Beaufort West and then on the west coast up to Namibia border. Some speculate the most beautiful province in South Africa.

Just have a look at their website. I do not think I can say anything. Just have a look. Sport and more specifically golf, is a big attraction for many. Congratulations on your website properties for sale on the site are between R3,5 million and R10 million.

140 units starting at R1150 000

Retirement Villages Somerset West seem to be very popular.

For people older than 65


If you have never been to the Western cape, it is significant. It is the fourth largest province in South Africa. The free state just beat it with 400 square kilometres. Not many articles also cover one topic in such a large area. With the right tools, you can get a peep of what people are searching for, and retirement villages western cape is a popular keyword. Identify the town, make a list of the retirement villages and narrow down your search. If you are from outside of South Africa, come and visit the country first.

Our ideal clients are those staying and moving into security complexes and retirement villages. We are proud of the investment products we can sell with code 1.8 on our licence. This allows us to sell a product unavailable to most financial advisors in the country. The principal outstanding future is the set agreed-to income unique to these products. The products are also available to non-South Africans and start with a minimum of R100 000

Albert Schuurman

Marketing director at AS Brokers cc

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