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Retirement Villages In Pretoria

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Retirement communities in Pretoria had nothing to offer for years before Kazan Construction started developing retirement villages. Pretoria was never known as a fun location to retire as a result.

Retirement communities in Pretoria east are now drawing a large influx of visitors across the nation. In Centurion and Hartebeespoort Dam, just outside Pretoria, exciting retirement communities are also emerging.

Equestria Centre Retirement Village Pretoria

The Equestria Village Retirement Center is geared toward older adults enjoying an active and varied social life. By decreasing their living accommodations and the associated maintenance and management duties, our residents may live a healthier lifestyle and simplify their lives.

The Beautiful Surroundings of Equestria Retirement Village

The retirement village is in Pretoria East growing Equestria neighbourhood and has magnificent water fountains and roomy layouts. People have more time to spend with friends and family, travel, volunteer, and read.

Is this how Retirement is supposed to feel? When he created the centre, the creator of the Equestria retirement village had this in mind.

Quality Lifestyle and Security

A specially created retirement village allows inhabitants to live independently and healthily and benefit from strong social ties, which are crucial for longer-lasting health and fulfilment.

And what distinguishes the retirement community at Equestria is the emphasis on "quality of life." Our seniors benefit from first-rate senior living in a safe setting with round-the-clock gated security, a perimeter wall, and multi-zoned electric fencing.

Community Center with Everything You Need

The design of the hamlet of Equestria is to be a place where people may engage with one another, and the centre can host social and community gatherings. The centre of the village is the community centre. It is conveniently positioned and has first-level nurse offices, a dining area, a coffee shop, and a library. The residents of this retirement village enjoy meeting new people daily via numerous social events and activities.

Willow Village Retirement Centre

The Willow Village Retirement Center in Pretoria East is a retirement village for people over 50 who have active, healthy lifestyles. The village is ideal for those who want to downsize their living space and eliminate the upkeep and management that come with a bigger independent house.

What makes Willow Village perfect to live in after Retirement

In Pretoria East's The Willows neighbourhood is Willow Village. The serene setting and the well-kept gardens surrounding the individual apartments offer a cheerful pallet of colours, the first thing people notice when they arrive.

The retirement homes in the village are tastefully constructed ground units with private gardens and lock-up garages or carports. The developer believed that residents of senior communities like Willow Haven desired to have happier and healthier lives. But what truly sets Willow Village apart is the tranquil environment.

Community Centre

Residents benefit from strong social ties and lead independent, healthy lifestyles to long-term health and happiness. Willow Village's staff works hard to establish a close-knit community that encourages social contact, which is why they have a well-planned common space. The centre of the retirement village comprises the administration, first-level nurse's offices, library, dining room, and coffee lounge.


Dining Hall

Residents eat meals upon request in the dining area. Additionally, the managers can make customized preparations for events like parties and family reunions.


The library has a sizable collection of fiction, nonfiction, and publications in both English and Afrikaans.

Coffee Shop

Elegant artwork decorates our sophisticated yet inviting coffee or hobby lounge. Residents can get together to play the piano, share a cup of coffee, or play cards to live an active lifestyle. Good Shopping centres are in close vicinity.

Frail Care Centre

Healthcare facilities are easily accessible at Willow Haven Clinic, conveniently located near Willow Village in The Willows at the intersection of Harte and Strulents Streets. Our 30-bed frail care facility is run by licensed nurses, with assistance from local physicians.


With round-the-clock gated security, a perimeter wall covered in multi-zoned electric fencing, and a secure atmosphere at all times.

Vergelegen retirement village

The Vergelegen retirement village is located in the heart of Pretoria, close to all amenities, including shopping centres, healthcare facilities and public transport,

The fourth retirement village appears on the website Pretoria retirement villages and is busy being developed, and sectional title units are for sale now.

The village offers Alzheimer's, Frail care and assisted living.

Why Choose A Retirement Village In Pretoria?

The four villages marketed on Retirement Villages Pretoria were designed for senior citizens and provided several lifestyle and functional advantages. Residents may spend more time with friends and family, feel comfortable and protected, and have a strong sense of community. South Africa has a lot of problems, but things in well-established suburbs in big cities are still working.

More options in Pretoria, I managed to find online.

Wilgers retirement village

The Wilgers retirement village is a well-known and respected retirement village in Pretoria East.

With beautiful gardens, its convenient location and a strong sense of community. The village has several facilities, including a dining hall, a library, a coffee shop and a frail care centre. The village is also close to shopping centres and healthcare facilities. The village around a strong sense of community, and the staff work hard to establish a close-knit community.

There is a Facebook group for the Wilgers retirement village, and we found a one and two-bedroom unit for sale online.

Questions & Answers

What is the retirement age to get into the villages?

We could not find any age restrictions. From previous post-research retirement, villages accept people 50 and older.

What are older people looking for when they initially start looking for retirement villages?

  • spacious living areas

  • double garage

  • medical facilities

  • tranquil setting

These needs change as couples get older.

What about bond approvals

Finance could be possible for full title or sectional title units for people who qualify.


We found a couple of retirement villages in Pretoria and will return to Pretoria in future articles. We do our article research online. Our ideal client is typically the same people who choose security complexes and retirement villages as a place to live and enjoy the golden years of their lives. We do not sell properties or have any link to any retirement home, village or security estate we review. Our forte is investments and addressing people's fear of running out of money in retirement.

Albert Schuurman

Investment advisor with AS Brokers in Gauteng, South Africa.

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