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Retirement Villages Durbanville

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Imagine one of the most beautiful middle to upper-class areas in Cape Town. If you look on a map, it is next to wine farms and neighbourhoods like Bellville & Brackenfell. The famous Blaauwberg beach is just around the corner. Always told my wife if I moved to Cape Town, Durbanville would be high on my list.

Many residents of retirement communities are merely making the most of village life to continue doing what makes them happy, whether or not that is working. People live active, independent lives in retirement village communities. They are made up of people from various backgrounds, including those who are employed, semi-retired, active, and adore having free time to engage in the pursuits that delight them.

Retirement villages in Durbanville are well-liked. They are near a wine route, are bordered by farms and vineyards, have a low crime rate, and enjoy pleasant Mediterranean weather all year round.

Zonnezicht Lifestyle Livings

Life starts at 50 in this retirement community called Durbanville!

Zonnezicht Retirement Village, situated in the centre of Durbanville, captures this carefree way of life and provides upscale amenities that retirees can enjoy in a small-town setting. Being adjacent to the Durbanville Mediclinic and having a 24-hour medical care centre on-site provide residents peace of mind because they know that emergency medical aid is available should the need arise.

Oasis Life Clara Anna Fontein

The Oasis Life brand was introduced at the then-new Clara Anna Fontein Lifestyle Center in November 2018, marking the official opening of the retirement community in Cape Town. The first of Rabie's retirement complexes, which aims to raise the bar for seniors, began building the following year in February.

The Oasis Life Clubhouse, the centre of the retirement community, opens to residents on December 1st, two years later. Currently, phase one is almost finished, and 24 people have already purchased property or are residing on the estate.

The stunning new Clubhouse is tucked away along the greenbelt corridor. It overlooks the wetland region, with the stunning Stellenbosch mountains poised in the distance to the left and the Durbanville hills on the right. The Lifestyle Centre, where the Oasis Life brand was introduced, is located in front of the lush vegetation.

New Life Retirement Village

Henry Nel founded New Life Retirement Villages Durbanville after seeing the demand for retirement housing in Cape Town.

He began developing neighbourhoods centred around the concept of a thriving social society where the elderly may enter a "new season of life" with meaningful friendships and tranquillity.

Today, they have three distinctive retirement communities and addition to Onze Molen Retirement Village. They are all intended to strengthen the sense of community, which is believed to give people newfound energy.

Questions & Answers

Why is staying in a retirement village so high on people's agenda?

People want the freedom of a lock up and go and give the children who often need to decide on behalf of the parents the peace of mind the parents will be looked after. Step-down facilities and frail care are a big concern I saw with my parents. Looking after them when they become frail is not easy. Small things like being able to eat in a dining hall, having a panic button in case something happens, and access to a communal clubhouse are some services people are looking for. Crime levels inside these villages are generally low because of security.

How do I get into one of these villages?

You have to find one you like and go through the application process. Figure out if you will buy, rent or buy it on a plan (life rights) some of these villages offer. Find estate agents and have them send you property alerts of a possible sale.

What can AS Brokers do to help?

We are investment advisors, and our investment plans give agreed income that can help the retirees or their children to plan with a proper budget. We often work with not just the parents who need to stay in the village but the children or family who need to help with the cost. You want to get the maximum from the investment and be sure about the outcome.


If you already stay in Cape Town, you are probably familiar with Durbanville, but if you are not, do not make the mistake of just looking at the suburbs close to the coast. Durbanville is beautifully, and you will see what I mean when you go there. Find people living in the villages and talk to them.

All the best in finding the perfect village for your needs.

Albert Schuurman

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