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Not Everybody Is Moving To The Western Cape To Retire

Updated: May 17

Douglasdale Retirement Village

The douglasdale retirement village is situated just of William Nicol in Sandton.

People think the area is part of Fourways.

The history of Johannesburg is not that old, and the name Douglasdale originated from Thomas & Janet Douglas, who owned the farm and built a farmhouse in 1905. They started producing milk in the 1930s and did so until the 1950s

If you enjoy history, read the full story on Wikipedia.

Back to not moving to Cape Town to retire, there are many reasons why people want to stay in Johannesburg. We have some of the best climates in the world. Your family may be close, and you may want to stay where you are familiar with your surroundings. If you are looking at South Africa as a retirement destination, you may want to consider a city as your base from where you can explore our beautiful country.

Choosing a retirement village

Deciding where to retire is a decision made not just by the person going to the village but by the family. Sandton and surrounding areas are still right in the middle of one of the biggest business hubs in Africa, and many people migrate to this area to work and, maybe, their elderly parents. Douglasdale Retirement Village may be the retirement place you are looking for.


On the Retirement Village website, you will see 162 houses in various configurations and 238 apartments in 3 different buildings.

They have strict rules and a preferred list of agents who comply with selling the units.

In my search, I found an apartment to let on Senior Services Retirement Places for R8000 per month.

I also found property for sale, full title on

They did not mention a price.

Also, go to for more listings. They have a two-bedroom property for sale for R1395 000

I could not find any information about parking garages. Please call the agents for more information or to see a listing.


From the information, I could find people aged 50 and older can apply.

Why would a person of 50 decide to stay in a retirement village?

Some people are financially free at this age and may not be interested in having to take care of the property and may need a small one or two-bedroom space with parking to stay when they are in Johannesburg or Sandton. The answer is the lifestyle. Having a lock-up-and-go place where certain services are taken care of maybe what you are looking for. The facilities include a hair and beauty salon that caters for both ladies and gents, where you may relax with a head massage.

Just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere next to a tree line river.


High Demand

Are you looking at retirement villages in the Sandton area? Look at Douglasdale retirement villages.

Why do AS Brokers review retirement villages?

We have created an investment plan for individuals, couples or families looking to rent, purchase or lease a retirement village. The property itself may be a significant investment, but we have a plan to create an investment that can pay for the property and living expenses. We are looking for people between 50 and 80 to assist them with their investment planning. For example, two or three children want to help a parent to stay in a retirement village, and they all put money together to pay for the parent. Paying for the place to live is just part of the expenses, and maybe our ideas can help you with creative ideas to do it differently.

Albert Schuurman

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