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Not Everyone That Retire Is Old.

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Retire In Midstream Estate

Some people decide to retire early to enjoy their life without the restraints of a 9-to-5 job. 1% of people are rich, and to put that into perspective, 1 out of 100 people. With 15 million people in Gauteng, that leaves us with 150 000 wealthy people. I bet most of them are staying in the lifestyle estates in Gauteng.

Midstream is such an estate with proximity close to Centurion. Everybody believes it is part of Centurion, but actually, it is part of Johannesburg.

It is the ideal spot for people of all ages who decide to retire because it caters to all ages.

Retire At Midstream

Retire at Midstream is an actual suburb of Midstream and conveniently situated to the east of Centurion, close to N1 and N4 highways.

24-hour security, double-fenced perimeter, panic buttons and portable remotes, patrolling guards and strict rules make Midstream well known for its excellent protection.

Close to hospitals, doctors, dentists, physio, everything you need. There are facilities like a clubhouse, restaurant, library and indoor bowling centre.

Development started in 2003, making it a young estate.

Retire At Midstream is just one of several different Estates. The others are Midlands Estate, Midfield Estate, Midstream Hill Estate, Midstream Ridge Estate and Midstream Meadows.

Besides the facilities mentioned above, Midstream offers

Shopping on Ridgeway, Square at Midstream Shopping Centre, Sasol Service station, 24-hour shop, Indoor Swimming Pool, Tennis and Squash Courts, Medical Centre, Day Hospital -Cure Day Clinic: Theatre facilities, Care at Midstream, Stepdown Centre.

Retiring at Midstream is not just for the old.

In my other posts, I mentioned that not everybody wants to move to the coast. People want to stay in a city, and Midstream because of its position is close to Johannesburg, Pretoria Oliver Tambo airport. Midstream Estate is the perfect thought-out estate complex.

Give up Country Living

Estates offer a lifestyle, and I know of people who gave up country living to move to an estate inside a city. You can live in a property in Midstream, which would be like living in the countryside. One could imagine a farmer who sells his farm to retire, moves to a city and retires at Midstream. Because of the facilities, the lifestyle and the security. Everybody would have thought that if people become successful, they would move to the countryside, but in South Africa, small towns all have financial problems except for the Western Cape and a couple of exceptions.

What are the other options besides retiring at Midstream?

Eco park estate

Midlands estate

Midfield estate

Southdowns estate

Heritage hill

Golden fields estate

Find similar properties from Real Net Properties

How to find a good deal in Midstream Estate?

You have decided to retire at Midstream Centurion, and now you need to shop for the right property.

You can only spot a good deal if you know what you want, and you can look at everything that is for sale. You can never spot a bargain if you look too wide.

You have decided on Midstream. You now have to decide on Midstream ridge estate or one of the others.

  • start by studying the Midstream Website.

  • write down the max price you are willing to pay.

  • sign up to receive property email alerts and specify things like

  • max floor size

  • max erf size

  • double garage

  • air conditioners

  • new properties

  • north facing living areas

  • you know what you want. Make a list

All this information is available from

Once you start searching, related services will appear on your social media feed.

Is a good deal even possible?

Midstream retirement is now your goal, and you want a good deal. Midstream is an extensive estate with several properties for sale. If you pay the correct price, your real estate deal in Midstream will be an investment. There will always be a demand for properties in a secure estate. The market may become slower under challenging times paying the right price is crucial.


The investment part of the transaction inspired me to write this article. We are not real estate agents but investment advisors, and what if we can assist you in creating an investment to assist you in retirement and maybe help to subsidise your estate lifestyle?

Investments start at R100 000 with returns of 10.24% after tax

with returns of up to 20% on amounts over R5 Million and above before tax.

We use unlisted shares, and the advantage is that the investment company agrees upon the return upfront without guessing what the market will do.

More reasons why a good deal is possible.

People die

People get divorced, go bankrupt, get sequestrated, immigrate, or urgently want to move to Cape Town.

My property investment coach taught me that a lifetime bargain comes around daily. You have to be out there looking for it.

Questions & Answers

Who is your property investment coach?

Is it reasonable to see an investment advisor before or after purchasing the property?

If you are retiring, you need to look at your investment plan first to see if you have enough money to afford your lifestyle in retirement. If you are wealthy and buy into the estate because you can afford it, you may want to meet with an investment advisor to assist you with tax planning and ensure you are getting the best deal regarding return on your investment.

Which of the Midstream estates is the best one?

I do not know. Once you have done all of the above, get the estate agents to take you inside and start to look at properties. They are your eyes and ears but remember they are salespeople and need to make a sale. If you go in unprepared, you may buy the wrong property for too high a price.

I am considering moving to South Africa. Is Midstream a good place to live?

With the exchange rate, you can buy some of the best properties available and have the best Gauteng offer on your doorstep. Immigrating to South Africa may be a good idea if you want to take advantage of the exchange rate and good returns on investment. Your Pounds, Euros or Dollars will take you far.

Midstream is one of my favourite estates, and if you decide to retire in Midstream, I wish you all the best.

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