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To The Parents Of Young Adults

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List Of Financial Risks Young Adults Ages Between 17 and 29 May Pose To The Finances Of The Parents And Their Own Financial Freedom Plan

Some Of The Things You As A Parent are Going To Do For Your Child That Will Create The Risks 

Young Adult Car Debt.png
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Car Debt

Study Loan

Parents buy cars for their children often on debt

Sign surety for study loans

Young Adults Subsidice Income .png

Subsidise Income

Subsidise children's income and will have to continue doing so should something go wrong 

Are You Your Child's Financial Safety Net?
Suppose something is to go wrong. Who is going to pay? Parents do not even want to think about something going wrong with their children. The child is not concerned about the risk, and if they are, they probably can't afford to do something about it. The goal of our list is to make parents aware of the risks.
Young Adult Long Term Risk.png
Some Risks Could Pose A Long Term Financial Commitment. 
Some Risks May Only Be Short Term
Young Adults Short Term Risks.png
Young Adults Damage To Property.png
Some Risks Are Hopefully Limited To Damage To Property!
I Found Elena On PowerPoint
Are You Your Childs Financial Safety Net.png

Building a website involves finding pictures, and I often use PowerPoint to search for stock pictures, and when I saw Elena, I just knew I had to use them. The following questions immediately came up. Was she in a car accident, was she, or is she sick? What happened to her. I am sure you also know somebody like Elena and the courageous parents standing behind her helping her physically and financially.    

Elena 1 a.png

What happened to her, is she ok?

Elena 6.png

Can she work, earn money, who is looking after her financially?

Elena 5.png

If it was an accident, was she insured, etc sure you also have many questions?

Elena 3.png

What about her parents and their finances were they able to handle it?

Parent Protection!

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We pride ourselves on value-adding products and want to be able to assist your young adult child not just with products but to start them in the financial education process

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Our Special Offer For South African Parents 

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