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What is a Capital Event and why is it so important if it happens in your life?

Updated: Jun 26

The image showcases a sophisticated and elegant design featuring the phrase "CAPITAL EVENT." The text is styled in a bold, gold-colored font with intricate decorative elements that add a vintage or Art Deco feel to the overall design. The background is dark, which makes the gold lettering stand out prominently. Below the main text, there is a smaller decorative element with the number "31" enclosed within a circular frame, also in gold. The design includes ornamental lines and flourishes, enhancing the luxurious and formal appearance of the graphic.
A person may get one once maybe twice in their lives
Identifying and Investing Wisely in Capital Events for Financial Freedom and Retirement

Achieving financial freedom and a comfortable retirement often hinges on how we manage significant financial milestones known as capital events. Understanding these events and investing the proceeds wisely can secure your financial future. This article explores various capital events, their implications, and investment strategies to maximise their benefits.

A friend of mine told me about his family visiting at the cost the one year they come by train broke and the next year the come in a fancy car. The father of the family was a diamond miner and he was either rich or broke. Imagine if he had the ability to invest in good times.

The image depicts a vibrant and energetic scene inside a casino. A jubilant elderly woman is captured mid-jump with a look of ecstatic joy on her face, her arms raised high in celebration. She has white hair and is dressed in a light gray blazer, a white blouse, and a brown skirt. The scene around her is lively, with confetti falling and colorful lights illuminating the space.  Above her, the word "JACKPOT" is prominently displayed in large, glowing, marquee-style letters, signifying her big win. The casino floor is filled with slot machines, each brightly lit and showing various symbols and flashing lights. Other people in the background are seen playing at the machines or celebrating as well. The overall atmosphere is one of excitement, festivity, and triumph.
We call getting into a large amount of money " Hitting The Jacpot"
What is a Capital Event?

A capital event is a significant financial transaction that substantially impacts an individual's or business's capital structure.

We refer to it as hitting the Jackpot

These events can dramatically alter your financial landscape, providing opportunities for growth or necessitating careful management to avoid losses.

Common Types of Capital Events

Sale of a business can lead to a huge capital event!
Sale of a Business or Significant Asset

Selling a business or a major asset like real estate can result in substantial capital gains. This event often requires strategic planning to maximize the sale price and minimize tax implications.


Less than 5% of the population will experience the sale of a business or significant asset. Wealth creators plan these events and create capital events.

The image is a stylized, artistic depiction of the word "INHERITANCE." The background has a textured, golden-brown color, resembling an old, antique parchment or a decorative piece of embossed leather.  The central focus of the image is a circular emblem adorned with intricate floral and botanical patterns, rendered in shades of gold. These patterns include leaves, flowers, and ornamental swirls, giving the design a rich, ornate appearance. The word "INHERITANCE" is prominently displayed in the middle of this emblem, in a bold, serif font, which stands out against the decorative backdrop.  The combination of the antique color palette and the elaborate design elements suggests a theme of heritage, legacy, and the passing down of valuable assets or traditions through generations. The overall aesthetic is both elegant and timeless, evoking a sense of history and significance.
Your chance is less than 30% but if you do it could be significant


Receiving an inheritance can significantly boost your financial resources. However, managing inherited wealth requires careful planning to preserve and grow the assets. Wealth passed on to next generations are often gone in the third generation.


Approximately 20-30% of people will receive an inheritance at some point in their lives.

That means 70 to 80% of people will receive nothing from previous generations. The biggest number we have seen in our practice is spouses inheriting, next children and the last people inheriting from strangers.

If your family is going to inherit educate them on what to do.

Having a bit of money is relative all the relatives appear. Their will also not be a shortage of financial advice.

The image is a vibrant and dynamic illustration of a financial market scene, likely depicting the excitement surrounding an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Key elements in the image include:  1. **Building with Classical Architecture**: At the center is a grand building with classical architecture, resembling a stock exchange or financial institution. The building's facade features columns and a pediment, giving it an authoritative presence.  2. **Large Digital Screen**: Prominently displayed on the building is a large digital screen showing the term "IPO" in bold letters. The screen also shows stock market data, including numbers and graphs, indicating a significant upward trend.  3. **Upward-Trending Graph**: An orange line graph representing stock prices or market growth trends upward sharply, signifying a positive market response to the IPO.  4. **Celebratory Figures**: In front of the building, numerous business people in formal attire are celebrating. They are depicted with raised hands, holding documents, money, and some even jumping with joy. This captures the excitement and success associated with the IPO.  5. **Surrounding Skyscrapers**: The background features tall skyscrapers, enhancing the urban, financial district atmosphere.  6. **Monetary Symbols**: Various monetary symbols and numerical figures float around the scene, emphasizing the financial nature of the event.  7. **Energetic Atmosphere**: The overall scene is lively and energetic, with people depicted in mid-movement and expressions of joy and triumph. The upward lines and vibrant colors contribute to the sense of optimism and success.  This illustration captures the essence of a thriving financial event, highlighting the enthusiasm and positive outcomes associated with an IPO in the stock market.
Take a company public on a stock exchange
IPO or Sale of Equity

When a company goes public or significant equity is sold, it can generate substantial capital inflows. This is often a once-in-a-lifetime event for entrepreneurs and investors.


Less than 5% of the population will experience an IPO or sale of equity.

Sophistacated investors & wealth creators create these events and create huge capital events. The average person may work for a company where such an event ocur.

This image features a retired elderly couple sitting on a porch, enjoying the serene view of Table Mountain in Cape Town. The couple is comfortably seated in wooden rocking chairs, holding hands and smiling at each other, reflecting a sense of companionship and happiness in their retirement years.  The porch is adorned with an assortment of potted plants, including succulents and flowering plants, which add vibrant colors and a touch of nature to the setting. The wooden flooring and columns frame the couple, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.  In the background, the iconic Table Mountain dominates the landscape, with its flat summit and dramatic cliffs. The mountain is surrounded by rolling hills and a small settlement nestled at its base. The sky is clear with a few fluffy white clouds, enhancing the peaceful and picturesque environment.  The overall composition of the image conveys tranquility, relaxation, and the simple joys of spending retirement with a loved one in a beautiful, natural setting.
Receiving money from a pension or provident fund


Retirement is regarded as a capital event because it typically involves accessing a significant amount of savings and investments accumulated over a working lifetime. This event marks a major shift from accumulation to decumulation, where individuals must carefully manage their withdrawals to sustain their lifestyle throughout their retirement years.

At AS Brokers we help many people with investment advice at this point.


Around 50-60% of the working population will withdraw from retirement accounts.

Winning a Lottery or Large Settlement

Sudden windfalls from lotteries or legal settlements can provide unexpected financial opportunities. However, managing these funds wisely is crucial to prevent them from quickly dissipating.

I do not buy lotto tickets the odds are too low but if you do not have a ticket you cannot win.


Extremely rare, less than 1% of the population experiences significant lottery wins or settlements.

Sudden Wealth Syndrome

Many who receive sudden wealth struggle to manage it wisely, leading to rapid financial loss.

Divorce settlement create capital events
Divorce Settlements

Dividing assets during a divorce can significantly alter your financial situation. Ensuring a fair settlement and wise management of received assets is essential.


With divorce rates at 40-50%, many will experience asset division.

If you were dependent on your spouses income making good investment decidions are very important.

The image depicts a professional setting inside a modern office with large windows that offer a view of neighboring buildings. Two businessmen are seen shaking hands across a wooden table, signifying a formal agreement or partnership.   The man on the left is an elderly gentleman with white hair and a well-groomed white beard. He is dressed in a dark blue suit, a white shirt, and a red tie. The man on the right is a younger man with a short beard and closely cropped hair. He is dressed in a grey suit, a white shirt, and a dark blue tie.  On the table between them are some documents, a cup of coffee, a smartphone, and a tablet, indicating a business meeting or signing of a contract. The background shows office furniture, including chairs and shelves, suggesting a professional and collaborative environment. The lighting is bright and natural, coming from the large windows, enhancing the professional atmosphere of the scene.
Concluding a big business deal
Big Business Deals

Securing a major business deal can inject substantial capital into your business, offering opportunities for expansion and growth.


A significant business deal is a rare event, generally affecting a small percentage of business owners.

Summary: The Role of Financial Advisors in Capital Events

As financial advisors, we frequently handle investment transactions stemming from various capital events. A significant portion of the investments we manage comes from individuals who have experienced capital events in their lives. Our role is to provide expert advice around these events, helping clients retain and grow their wealth rather than losing it due to poor financial decisions. By leveraging our expertise, we guide clients through strategic planning, diversification, and long-term investment strategies, ensuring they can achieve financial freedom and a secure retirement.


Capital events can be pivotal in achieving financial freedom and a secure retirement. By identifying these events and investing wisely, you can turn these financial milestones into lasting prosperity. Always seek professional advice to navigate these significant transitions and make informed decisions that align with your long-term financial goals.

If you are the beneficiary of a capital event or hit the "Jackpot" get in contact with us to invest it.

Albert Schuurman been a financial advisor with AS Brokers since 1999, specializing in financial planning for business owners and high-earning individuals. His practice focuses on helping clients navigate capital events to make wise investments, with the most significant investments stemming from these pivotal moments in clients' lives.
Albert Schuurman

Albert Schuurman has been a financial advisor with AS Brokers since 1999, specialising in financial planning for business owners and high-earning individuals. His practice focuses on helping clients navigate capital events to make wise investments, with the most significant investments stemming from these pivotal moments in clients' lives.

The topic of the blogpost form part of my course Solving The Retirement Problem.

I used Chat GPT to assist me creating this bolgpost. I also use Canva and other tools to create the pictures.


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