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3 x Reasons Why The New Upgraded Living Annuity Of Everest Wealth Is Great

Updated: 3 days ago

Everest Wealth is growing in popularity and is starting to become a well known name because of their appearance on television breakfast show and advertisements on the radio especially in Pretoria and Gauteng regions.

Before we talk about their upgrades lets just go into what is a living annuity.

It is a product people who saved for their retirement in pension funds or retirement annuities have to buy to provide an income.

When you retire you can invest your full pension or two thirds into a living annuity and you can choose an income percentage between 2,5 and 17,5 % of the capital per annum.

This is governed by the pension funds act and the unlisted shares companies like Everest can now compete in the market.

Everest did what they do best in their normal investment with their products in the living annuity space.

  1. They fixed the return the client will get ( Terms & conditions apply)

  2. They give the client a bonus after 5 years on the initial capital amount invested that is substantial

  3. Everest pay the advisor the client can get up to 100% fund allocation.

Why is this good news for us as advisors

We do not have to deal with underperforming funds

If the outcome is a fixed prediction, the client can plan much better, and the fee negotiation process with the client has changed for the better.

The product is a win for the client and the advisor.

AS Brokers is 1,8 Licensed and has a direct agency with Everest, and we do not have to operate as a sub-agent to deal with Everest Wealth

Everest has tackled one of the biggest problems and fears retirees have, the fear and risk of running out of money, head-on with its upgraded product.

Get in contact with your advisor or if you need a second opinion with us at

Albert Schuurman

I am currently working on an online course that explains all the products a person needs in their financial plan. The course also goes into great detail about the difference between financial freedom and retirement and why normal retirement planning is a disaster for most.

The way our practice is structured allows us to create a very competitive fee structure for clients' investments.

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