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| Submitting a Claim

Submitting Your Claim

Please assist us to expedite your claim by following the procedures as set out below.

It is important that all claims be reported to AS Brokers within 30 days from the date of loss or incident.

Remember that claims related to theft, vehicle accidents, and criminal activity have to be reported to the South African Police Service, as we require a case number to proceed.

| Claim Procedures

Submit your claim through one of the following options:

  1. Email :

  2. Via Telephone : 011 954 6641 

  3. In Person: 226 Voortrekker Road Krugersdorp 1739

Office Meeting
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Supporting Documents

To ease and speed up the processing thereof, we require your supporting documents. Subject to the nature of your claim, we may need the following:


Motor : Theft

  • Original Registration documents (Natis document)

  • Certified copy of ID for registered owner of vehicle

  • Proof of address for registered owner of vehicle

  • The original signed change of ownership form

  • Any keys that you might still have of the vehicle
    If no key’s where are they?

  • Copy of Driver's License 

Motor : Accident

  • Copy Of Driver's License 

  • Copy of Vehicle License disc

  • Panel Beater Quote for repairs of vehicle

  • Photos of Damages

  • Third Party details ( if applicable)


General items: Theft

  • Receipt (if the item has been repaired or replaced)

  • A comprehensive list of stolen items

  • Quotation to replace the items that has been reported missing to the police. All items listed must be accompanied by a detailed description

  • Case number

  • Name of the police station where the incident was reported to

  • The name of the investigation officer and his/her contact number

General items: Lost or Damaged

  • Receipt (if the item has been repaired or replaced)

  • Quote for replacement

  • Quote for repairs

  • In the case of damage: A report from the technician stating the factors the damage may be attributed to, as well as costs involved with fixing it

Stolen cell phone with a SIM card

  • The case number and name of the police station where the theft has been reported to

  • ITC Blacklisting Number -  proof thereof is obligatory. Your service provider will assist you in this regard

  • IMEI number of the stolen phone

  • Printed quotation confirming the costs to replace the phone


Breaking and entering of your House

  • Alarm report from the security company confirming that the alarm was activated (only applicable if your policy requires any alarm specifications)

  • A comprehensive list of the items you are claiming for.

  • Written quotation stating the costs to replace items. Please note the quote must be to the replace the exact model, or the successive model in case the stock has been discontinued.

  • Case number, name of the police station the incident was reported to, as well as the name of the investigating officer.

  • Valuation certificate of stolen Jewellery.

  • Any proof of purchase of the items that have been stolen.

  • Photos of Break-in /Forcible entry.

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