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Your Business Will Not Survive A Fire If You Are Not Insured, Period.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Best Fire Insurance for

Small, medium and large business owners

The policy says fire but includes storms, wind, water, hail, snow, rain, lightning acts of God, earthquake and malicious damage. Damage by aircraft, aerial devices, or articles dropped from there—impact by animals, trees or vehicles.

In South Africa, policies have started to include power surges because of a significant demand for the cover. Read policy wording for a full description of the cover provided.

Is Fire cover only necessary for small businesses?

Fire could be devastating and wipe a business out. Not many companies can survive a fire, and business insurance or, more specifically, fire insurance is essential. Losing business income because of fire devastates any business, and financial protection is crucial.

Plant & Machinery cover.

Businesses need to insure for the replacement value and not the market value. Insurance Companies will pay the insured according to what it would cost today to replace the items with new ones of a similar kind and quality, disregarding any depreciation.


The stock gets covered for cost price. The insurer will pay the cost of replacing the damaged or stolen stock, less depreciation.

Specified Items.

Some items get specified if the client or the bank insists on noting the interest.

Buildings or property insurance

Insurance companies can insure buildings under the fire section and cover buildings like office blocks or townhouse complexes, specifically elsewhere.

Business income insurance

Building owners can ensure the income as a loss of rent under the fire section of the business insurance policy.

Average clause

The average clause or underinsurance is vital to understand. Suppose the property insured at the time of the loss is collective of higher value than the sum insured thereon. In that case, the insured shall be considered the insurer for the difference and bear a rateable share of the loss accordingly.

This clause is generally used in business insurance, not just in the business owner's policy wording.

Best fire insurance cover

Business insurance policies from business insurance providers look the same in South Africa. The best business fire insurance is available under the multi-mark policy wording. Discovery Insure is a fire insurance company moving away from the multi-mark policy wording.

Business insurance list

We have created a list for business owners to assist them with business insurance. We will also create a list of small business owners to see if they qualify for business insurance.

Business owners are spoiled for choice.

Small business owners are spoiled for choice because the best business insurance companies offer fire insurance.

Small business insurance companies

There is no specific company that specialises in small business insurance. Insurance brokers like AS Brokers CC in South Africa cater for small business owners.

We do business insurance and fire insurance for any size business. Get a small business insurance quote today.

Q & A- Small business insurance

What is a business owner's policy, and how is it different from a fire policy?


A business owner's policy is an insurance policy that offers protection for businesses from a variety of risks, including fire. The critical difference between a fire policy and a business owner's policy is that a business owner's policy typically provides more comprehensive coverage than a fire policy.

Business Insurance in South Africa allows business owners to build commercial insurance for their needs. It gets combined with general liability insurance. We refer to insurance as business insurance or small business insurance.

How do I know my small business needs fire cover or small business insurance?


When the business carries stock, owns or rents machinery, and owns or rents a property or workspace, you will qualify for business insurance. Combine the fire policy with general liability insurance.

My family owns a property, and we rent it to an engineering business. Do we need business insurance, business property insurance or commercial property insurance?


Business property insurance and commercial property insurance should both be correct. It depends on whether a small, medium or large business. Commercial property insurance is probably the better answer.

In South Africa, we will ensure it as commercial property insurance under the fire section, including loss of rent and a general liability insurance cover. Typical business insurance policy.

Should the loss of rent not be business interruption insurance?


Many types of business insurance exist, including business interruption or loss of profits, but for property owners, loss of rent is sufficient.

What is the best business insurance company to ensure small businesses?


The insurance industry in South Africa is very competitive and healthy. Small business owners can find many insurance solutions with multiple insurance companies. Business owners are spoiled for choice.

Do I need to take business insurance through a broker, or can I go direct to the insurance company?


Most business insurance companies offer the option to deal with them directly. Companies like Outsurance, Discovery, Santam, and Old Mutual Insure now provide commercial insurance direct you don't have to use the services of a broker if you do not want to. If your business is starting, it could be easier to go direct, but if you have a well-established business, you may think of using the services of a broker or advisor. Many business insurance companies still offer their services through insurance brokers.

Would it be cheaper to go direct than to use a broker or advisor for my small business insurance?


The answer is no. Direct companies like Outsurance spend more on advertising than insurers who use brokers to pay for commissions. They also employ people to go out and assist clients. We can argue their costs are more to ensure small businesses. The market for dealing with direct clients is growing, and the competition in the space is increasing. Insurance remains a product experienced people sell and is too complicated for clients to buy small business insurance.

Why would I get my business insurance through a broker rather than one of the small business insurance companies that can help me directly?


Business insurance is complex, and brokers who offer commercial insurance products as part of their advisory services have a lot of experience dealing with the insurance company and experience dealing with the client.

They provide the role of a small business insurance company. The average broker dealing with business and small business insurance has seen many claims, dealt with a lot of property damage and knows what to insure. Packages available to brokers come with general liability insurance.

Can business insurance be taken through multiple insurers?


Yes, we often see business insurance split up between insurance companies with huge risks. Large commercial property insurance accounts and significant manufacturer risks get split up.

Small business insurance can also buy cover from more than one insurer, but you can't claim for the same thing twice. The claim will be shared by the small business insurance products equally. Not advisable practise.

What do small business insurance companies look at when they quote?


Small business insurance cover is not different from medium or large business insurance. Small business insurance is just more popular because there are many more small businesses than large ones.

A full description of the assets that must be covered, plus the claims history, is required. Business insurance typically includes general liability insurance.

What are the four most common types of commercial insurance?


Below are the four most common types of commercial insurance small businesses require.

  • Property insurance; generally covers damages to your business property, including structures and inventory.

  • Liability insurance.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance.

  • Commercial auto insurance. ( referred to as car insurance, auto insurance, commercial auto or commercial auto insurance.

What insurance is most important for a business?


Bit of an open question, and the answer will vary depending on the advisor giving the advice. There are so many types of coverage available. My opinion

  • Fire insurance; a fire will wipe most businesses out.

  • General liability (look at the complete liability coverage available)

  • car insurance (commercial auto insurance)

What does a business owner's policy include except for fire and general liability insurance?


A business owner's policy can include the following. This list covers some things the small business will need. Download our comprehensive inventory of covers available. Use the list as a plan for your next meeting with your broker or advisor or if you want to contact a direct insurer.

  • We mentioned general liability insurance or general liability coverage a couple of times. We have seen a couple of liability claims and know the importance.

  • Commercial auto insurance or business auto insurance

  • Auto insurance (commercial auto coverage)

  • Property Scope

  • Workers Compensation

  • Cyber Insurance and cyber liability insurance

  • Professional liability insurance (professional liability coverage)

  • Personal insurance includes homeowners insurance and personal liability insurance.

  • Auto and home insurance

  • Worker's compensation insurance

  • Data breach insurance

  • Business liability insurance

Fire insurance is just one part of small business insurance

Other business insurance types include

  • Health insurance

  • Major medical insurance

  • bodily injury

  • pension funds

  • funeral cover

  • Business life insurance on key individuals

  • Employment practices liability insurance

  • Professional services

For the best insurance solutions and business coverage, contact AS Brokers CC in South Africa. We deal with most types of business insurance. We are leaders in insurance coverage for small businesses. Let us create your business owner's policy for you.

Amazon is the perfect place to compare prices and shop for basic fire equipment.


Remember, you can't buy insurance when you need it! You need the vision to do it as soon as the business can afford it. Small business insurance has two jobs one to protect the company's assets and two to protect the investment made into the small business, medium or large business.

We determined that the word fire in fire insurance is a bit misleading. It covers way more than just fire. It covers storms, water, wind, earthquakes, and acts of God. Refer to the policy wording. Small business insurance is an offer in a package that includes liability insurance.

Liability insurance is one of the more difficult sections, and I recommend you go through the liability insurance section to see what it is you need. The standard liability insurance offered as a standard is fundamental.

The different types of business insurance make it complicated to insure. If you are a small, medium, or prominent business owner, get an advisor who provides professional services. Business coverage can include the following insurance solutions.

  • General liability

  • professional liability insurance

  • workers compensation

  • auto insurance

  • commercial auto

  • professional liability

  • employment practices liability insurance

What is the ideal client for AS Brokers CC in South Africa?

We are looking for small, medium or large business owners who prefer to deal with an experienced broker that can do business with several insurance companies. We do a complete analysis to determine the types of coverage required for the business and the business owner. For the existing and established business owner, we do umbrella insurance. We cover not just the company but the owner or owners and their personal and staff needs.

We offer straightforward insurance solutions to a tiny exclusive group of business owners and have a reputation with major insurance companies for providing profitable business. Our service is complete, and exclusive and does not take on any business or client.

If you have good claims experience and feel you deserve a better deal, or if you need advice on types of coverage for your business, do not hesitate to contact us. Physical representation on the west rand of Gauteng, Hartebeespoortdam Centurion, and Pretoria east. We want to and can reach out to business owners throughout South Africa. Our existing clients include farmers, manufacturers, supply services and repairs—professional people like doctors, lawyers, accountants and many more. Please look at the list of specialist insurance products.

Please provide your detail and the type of business you would like us to assist you with within the comment box of our contact form, and one of our consultants will be in contact with you.


At AS Brokers, we believe in financial education, and the best place to start is by reading or with Audible listening to books.

Listen to books in your car and use the time to educate yourself.

Get an Audible subscription for yourself or give it to someone as a gift,

Albert Schuurman

Albert has been involved with business insurance since 1986 and is used to talking and dealing with business owners with businesses of all sizes. We also have Johnny Farinha in AS Brokers cc who had his training in Zurich that is now Bryte with great experience with engineering-type risks.

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