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Risks Of Driving After Dark In South Africa

Between a rock and a hard plac

Driving on South African roads is much like playing adventure golf. There are always surprises

around the corner and obstacles in your way. Being a regular driver on South African roads you

are met with unique challenges daily such as Bad drivers, taxis stopping at any moment,

potholes, pedestrians crossing the road (yes even on the highways) and all kinds of hijacking

theft traps along the way.

I don’t know if any other countries drivers face these challenges that we do, therefore it is a

reflection of our rising Insurance premiums.

I myself was involved in one of these unique situations not more than a week ago. Driving on the

highway at night returning from Pretoria a huge rock was dropped on my vehicle when passing

under a bridge which caused significant damages to my vehicle. Luckily we were all ok however

it could have been so much worse or even fatal.

These attacks and hijacking/theft attempts seem to be on the increase and it is important to

know what covers you are able to get to protect you and your loved ones in such scenarios:

-Short Term Motor vehicle cover: Which will cover the damages to the vehicle such as

windscreens, tyres and body damages.

-Short Term All Risks Cover: Which would cover your personal belongings in the vehicle if you

do stop and robbed such as your handbag and phones.

-Long Term Life cover in the event of death following a crash or hijacking/robbery gone wrong

-Long Term Disability cover in the event of a severe accident or bodily trauma caused by the

hijackers which causes your disablement

We cannot say I am a good driver and I will avoid these attacks. The criminals are well organised

and this is what they do daily so it is important to make sure you have the right covers in place to

protect your assets and loved ones.

If at all possible and you are involved in one of these attempts try your brest to keep driving and

do not stop. Drive to the nearest garage next to the highway or police station and only then

assess the damages. Most Insurers do take these things into account when in a life threatening

position occurs even if more damages are caused to the vehicle by continuing to drive.

Be extras vigilant when driving at night to try and protect yourself at all times and where possible

do not drive at night.

These are interesting times we live in and driving at night has now become a matter of life and


At all times take care of yourself and your loved ones and speak to your Financial advisor to

make sure you have the right covers in place.


Insurance Broker with more than 22 years experience in the Insurance Industry


Get in contact with Johnny via our website

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