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Make 2024 your best year ever!

2024 has arrived with so many new opportunities I cannot wait to share them with you.

An exciting year ahead of us. We are having elections in South Africa; hopefully, change is imminent.

There will be a few minor changes in AS Brokers this year, and I am excited to announce them.

Unlisted Shares 

Are you looking for a steady stream of income from your capital or an agreed return on your capital?

I am happy to announce that I have been granted my licence after working under supervision for two years and almost had to wait another year to get the FSCA to grant me my licence.

Over the last three years, a considerable amount of investment business has gone to the unlisted investment space. I quickly want to go over the reasons why I made this choice.

  • The investment company agrees to a rate of return with the client at the beginning of the term. 

  • Commissions are paid by the investment company and not by you as the client

  • 100% allocation of your funds

  • Hurdle rate: The company must make a profit and pay the investors first.

  • We, as advisors, do not have to make fund choices for clients.

These reasons made me go through the trouble of getting the licence. My position gives me an edge in the market.

The ideal client is somebody sitting with money from savings, selling an asset or property, selling a business, inheritance, big bonus or making a deal. The need is mostly income. 

Discovery Bank

Do you want the best from your bank account in 2024?

Discovery bank is the biggest event for us as advisors since the launch of Vitality in 1998

I managed to get my banking licence approved in 2023 and can now market Discovery Bank products. 

Ideal clients are already with Discovery and already have a bank account. We assist clients with upgrading and setting themselves up for what is coming in the future.  

Join the group Points & Benefits

Discovery Vitality

Do you want to get to Diamond status in 2024?

I have created a group called Points & Rewards where I will be sharing my progress in 2024. This group will focus on actions to earn points and the group will share info about benefits. Beside the health benefit the other benefits are just to big to ignore.


Are you a property investor or interested in becoming one?

I got accepted as a learner property agent with a property agency. I am going to specialise in investment properties. 

I also struck a deal with a property investment group and will be able to market club membership and properties on their inventory. I will announce the details later.

What are we looking for

  • Buyers: people looking for investment properties

  • Sellers: people looking to sell their property to an investor. It would be best if you were willing to create a deal. Investors are interested in deals and not just property. 

  • Estate agents ( We need to establish an office in Krugersdorp): The franchise is looking for agents countrywide.   

  • Lawyers for the Krugersdorp area.

Financial Freedom Course

Less than 1% of people will be financially free at age 65. Where are you with your plans?

My course is 80% done and will be launched by the first of March. The course will be for sale for $197 and available internationally. 

I have created a Financial Freedom Group. The purpose is to build a community of people with the same interests. The course will be available to group members at a substantial discount. 

If you join the group, please indicate if you are willing to do the course for free in return for a testimonial.

Group membership is subject to a small survey and discount subject to conditions. 

Become a group member and follow how I am going to achieve a financial freedom goal by sharing my knowledge and experience.

Existing Business

We are working on providing better and faster service.

We are implementing a new CRM system in our office, and I want to thank everybody involved for their hard work. 

All the best with your business and work in 2024

Albert Schuurman

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