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Are You Stealing From Your Future By Not Learning

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Financial Education Series Episode 3

What does paying yourself first mean?

In our work, we are fortunate to speak to many people and have many business owners as clients. I often discuss paying yourself first, and the response is almost always the same. How do you do it?

It means you should contribute towards your investments, whether a savings account, another bank account or an investment account, before you pay anything else.

People immediately think of money and investing when you say the best investment. Best investments can also mean a new skill or new skills if you are talented. An example writing articles is a new skill I am learning.

8 x creative ideas to invest in yourself

  • Write articles that tell a story or share your success

  • Music, learn to play a musical instrument

  • Learn to start a business

  • Share your expertise

  • Learn a new language

  • Share your ideas on the free Pinterest app

  • Host seminars, share your knowledge

  • Show off your art

A new skill can also be learning how to become financially free.

How do you become financially free?

Create enough passive income until you are financially independent.

Invest or Investment

What does Wikipedia say?

Investment requires a sacrifice of some current asset, such as time, money, or effort.


best books on financial freedom

The Millionaire Next Door is a book review about how most millionaires in the United States achieved their wealth. It was written by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, two professors from the University of Georgia. The book tries to dispel some common myths about millionaires, such as the idea that they all inherited their money or lived in mansions. Instead, the authors argue that most millionaires are pretty frugal and have achieved their wealth through hard work and disciplined saving. While some have criticized the book for its generalizations, it provides an exciting perspective on wealth accumulation in America.

Amazon reviews.

Find the book on audible if you can't wait to get it

Audiobooks are just a great way to spend time expanding your knowledge.

I invest my driving time listening to audiobooks.

Book review and recommendation

Does Wikipedia say anything about the book? They have an excellent review of the book and explain the lives of real millionaires and the people pretending to be.

Education Review

Best financial freedom tips from The Millionaire Next Door

1)Most millionaires made it by investing in their own companies

2)Be frugal

3)Plan for financial success

4)Become good with money management

5)Create an emergency fund

6)Get rid of debt

7) Be or become debt-free

8)Use a financial advisor. It would be best if you had a couple of advisors

9)Pay yourself first

10)Build passive income

11) more money does not solve personal finance problems

12)spend less than you earn

13)Avoid buying status objects or living the status lifestyle

14) People earning very high income see it as a renewable resource they don't save

15) Most valuable lesson is the rich are often not the people who you think they are

16) great opportunities are something people develop

17) Get creative

18) Read Books (People underestimate the power of reading)

Financial freedom tip

Start the first stream of passive income, look at the plan in the article about unlisted shares, start by getting the first R100 000 or $15000 saved up and then immediately begin to save money to create the second R833.33 per month. Link

Mentorship programme

The best interest Part of paying yourself first is paying money for your continuing education.

The Wealth Creators University is the best financial freedom education plan in South Africa and competes with the best programmes in the world.

The content got developed over about 20 years. You can expect to pay about R233 000 for full access to the university.

There is a special where you can access the entire university at a fraction of the cost, including Dr Dreyer's latest course, 500K Challenge.

11 Financial Freedom Questions to Find Out If You Need A Mentor

1) Can you become financially free with the current financial freedom plan you have in place?

2) Are you eager to become financially free?

3) Which plan are you following now?

4)Who are your coach and teacher guides on financial freedom?

5)Why is this person your mentor?

6)Will what you learn from this person take you to financial freedom?

7)Where do you want to be financially five years from now? Ten years from now? 20 years from now.

8)When will you be financially free with your current plan?

9)How will you get to financial freedom if the answers to the questions above do not make sense?

10)What are you going to do about it?

11)What can you do about it?

Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest you can do it by finding like-minded people, reading books, focus on finding a mentor.

The mentor I suggest.

He said he would do it. In my plus-minus 20 years as a student, I saw Dr Dreyer complete more than one challenge like this. All the challenges he took were successful, and he managed to do them in less time.

$1 to $ 1 million Challenge "Amazon business."

Dr Dreyer, in his courses, you will see when you join always ask these four questions.

Is it possible?

Is it legal?

Have you got control over it?

Can you do it?

My first Amazon link, as you may have noticed, is the book, the second one is Audible, and the next three I build in as part of my international project, and I will launch selling Amazon products. I receive an affiliate commission should you follow any of the links. Creating an affiliate business is how I spend my energy, and writing articles is how I intend to grow my surplus.

Find and write about the best accessories I can find on Amazon, and my first category is motorcycles. Follow Dr Hannes Dreyer by following the link to find out what you can do if you want to attempt something similar.

Financial freedom and Motorcycles

The two go hand in hand. I use a mount for my phone on my bike, especially when I need my phone to navigate—an important accessory on any motorcycle.

3 x best phone mounts for motorcycle

Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone - by TACKFORM [Enduro

Product description from Amazon

Next Item is a best seller on Amazon

About this Item

The 3rd Item also received a significant number of reviews.

About this Item

Insurance tip.

You can't buy insurance when you need it.

Questions & Answers

What is the best way to invest in a new skill

Answer. By investing in the knowledge, you can start by reading books. Explore and decide on a mentorship program. You can only develop new skills by taking action and learning new things.

What are the most valuable tips you can give from studying the book and experience as a Wealth Creators University student?

Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest. Does that only apply to money and investing?


Are you serious about the benefits and great opportunities, and do you see how you can earn the best interest from investing in knowledge and what it can mean in your life? Know that you can lead a better life. I showed you where you could find it. I showed you the tools you need and where you can find a mentor. How serious are you about investing money in your future?

Learn to earn and have fun doing it.

- Know that knowledge is the key to a better future

-Find a place to get that knowledge

-Get all the tools

-Find a teacher, a coach and a mentor

How much time did you spend today preparing for a better future?

Albert Schuurman

Albert is a Wealth Creator University Student following what Dr Hannes Dreyer is teaching.

Suppose you are a Wealth Creator student looking for a broker who understands how students want to buy the best insurance and only the necessary products from insurers concerning investments. In that case, you are welcome to contact me.

Do you want to do the same I am doing, you can contact me via the website and put Wealth Creator in the comment section with your contact details.

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