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Discovery Bank Adviser

Updated: Jan 29

We proudly announce that we are accredited to market Discovery Bank products to our clients.

Why do you need a bank advisor?

The bank will form the centre of the Discovery product offer, and advice to structure everything properly will be required.

How will AS Brokers be able to assist clients

We will be able to assist with making sure our clients have the best possible account to enjoy the best benefits.

Apply for a bond 

Apply for finance products.

Restructure Discovery products to make sure our clients get the maximum benefits.

Assist our clients to qualify for a maximum of up to 1,5% discount on rates. 

How much is a saving of 1,5 % over 20 years on a bond of R1500 000

as much as R1531 per month

The saving can take five years of your bond saving of more than R500 000

How to get AS Brokers appointed as your advisor

Lock into your Discovery Bank app on your mobile device

Click on accounts

Click on three dots at the bottom right

Scroll down to "Contact Us"  

Click on it 

Please take a picture of this page and send it via WhatsApp to Albert Schuurman

If you do not have his number contact us via our website.

We will assist you.

If you still need an account, contact us via the website or WhatsApp on the same number with your details.

How many Discovery Bank Clients do not have an advisor linked to them?

150 000 clients

When is the best time to apply for a Discovery home loan

How do I know if I should consider to switch?

Can I use my home loan to consolidate my debt.

Albert Schuurman

a registered financial adviser with AS Brokers in South Africa since 1999

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