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If you are not obsessed with your future you could be in trouble!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Welcome To The Second Part Of Our Financial Freedom Series


Financial freedom is the ultimate goal for any working person. You are financially free when the money that comes into your account that you don't have to work for is more than your expenses. As financial advisors, we get to discuss retirement with many people, and most people will retire, but only a few will be financially free.

The savings products the insurance industry give us to sell will not help people achieve financial freedom. As a financial advisor, I have not seen a lot of financial success with the stock market products we get to sell.

We are doing well with lump sum investments, but savings are not so good. Most of the people who achieved financial freedom I saw made money. They did not save it up in a savings account.

This Episode

In this episode, I want to talk about intent and risk. What have these two words got to do with financial freedom?

I intend to grow the online business. I want to follow what my mentor is doing, reduce my risk, and outperform the monthly growth rate I have set myself.

What are your financial freedom goals?


What does Wikipedia say about intent and risk?

Intentions are mental states in which agents commit themselves to a course of action.

Risk "effect of uncertainty on objectives

What do the two words have to do with financial freedom?



Best books on financial freedom!


The number one product I am selling on Amazon because it adds the most value to the topic I want to rank on Google "Financial Freedom."

Are you spending time alone or driving? If you spend 1 hour in your car, you can have 5 hours of listening time. Who do you know who spends five hours a week learning?

I spend money with Amazon every month that is on Audible. I have my books on my phone, and I have them set up so that I can start a book with a couple of clicks, and as the day goes on, the moment I get in my car, the book begins playing by itself.

Treat yourself with a present and get the audible app. on your phone.

Previous episode's book

In the first episode of the series, I spoke of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and this week, I want to talk about an audiobook. The link I gave you is to Audible. Download the app and then find the book. The link below is to the physical book.

Grant Cardone Be Obsessed Or Be Average

I bought a course of Grant Cardone and still subscribed to his newsletter and followed him at one stage; then, I got tired of him. He is arrogant and sometimes makes it easy not to like him. The thing about training is you get addicted and always look for the next best thing. I could not implement what he was teaching.

This book changed my opinion of him again. The first thing I like is that he reads his book and does an excellent job. Sometimes other people do the narration nothing wrong, but he does it passionately, giving the book much more value. He talks straight and pushes himself to the absolute limits, and his success is proof of it. He describes it well in the book.

He says his haters are the most prominent promoters of his business. Get over your fears. Achieving financial freedom is impossible, being scared all the time.

He made me understand fears and self-doubts, my biggest takeaway from the book.

The book is long, and sometimes a long book puts me off. I think 9 hours. You can increase the speed, but I turn the rate slower because I want to take in everything he says. I need to find a way to take notes whilst driving! Grant will probably say make enough money to get somebody to drive you.

The second thing that stuck with me was my obsession with free time. Grant promotes working more, and I like the way he explains it.

I will not paste the reviews from Amazon; It makes my post too long. Please follow the link to the book and read the reviews.

I always enjoy reading them.

I collect stuff, and I will get this book in hard copy. It needs to be in the bookcase I want to have in my hands.

Find & Download it on Audible and have access to it immediately.

History of Amazon

Amazon was founded in July 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who chose the Seattle area for its abundance of technical talent, as Microsoft was in the area.

Amazon went public in May 1997. It began selling music and videos in 1998 and started international operations by acquiring online sellers of books in the United Kingdom and Germany. The following year, it sold video games, consumer electronics, home improvement items, software, games, and toys. Read the full article on Wikipedia. If you like history, do not forget to donate.

Here is an early logo.

Education Review

What is the best instrument to learn and achieve financial freedom?

The two keywords I got from the first lesson of the 500k challenge from Dr Hannes Dreyer.



I started the course from scratch because I fell behind, and if I learned, I needed to implement things and begin to earn money and go back to the drawing board. Doing my research on my articles, I get so sidetracked by all the opportunities to achieve financial independence it is unreal. Spending more money on other courses is a waste of time. I need to work with what I got.

This week Dr Hannes talks about intent. He builds several courses on challenges and intends to outperform two fund managers. Risk is the other topic, and something proved in his thesis for his doctorate.

The lower the risk, the higher the growth of an investment, which goes against what the financial services industry teaches people. They say the higher the risk, the more significant the growth.

The latest course, the 500k challenge, can be related to any currency and explicitly does not specify Rands or dollars, making the education opportunity international.

10x Best Financial Freedom Tips.

I share some tips and takeaways from the books and courses I attended.

Get good with money.

  • Getting good with money is a skill very few people have. Most need to learn it.

  • Start saving. Savings alone won't give you financial success, but you must commit to building capital.

  • Financial troubles and extra money won't get you out of it. It will get you deeper into it. How often do you hear people ask for more money? More money does not solve a bad financial situation.

  • Don't make more debt.

  • Student loan debt is the start of financial problems for a lot of people. I am not against student loan debt, but it is utilised for the wrong education most of the time. The number of unemployed graduates proves what I am saying. People suffer to pay off debt and become debt-free, and I see first-hand, working with clients, how banks use the debt to enslave people to loans and how the interest rate on the loans is structured.

  • Pay yourself first term to ensure you use part of your monthly income and put money away for your future. The problem with small business owners is that they always pay themself last.

  • Financial freedom means the money coming into your account must be more than your expenses. Retirement planning fails because people do not learn about achieving financial freedom.

  • Financial planning should be a subject in school people get to know how to save money from salespeople and banks.

  • Learn to earn. All the money in the world is locked up in books.

  • Passive income is a key to financial freedom.

Best Mentorship Program

I am promoting the special offer for as long as it is available.

I got some courses on special but paid for bundles, with two or three courses bundled but never excess to the entire platform for this price. Follow the click here to see the entire special offer.

I also follow other mentors and am an affiliate for several programmes. Still, on financial freedom, Wealth Creators University is the best, and the offer makes it compete with the best in the world.

Please follow my blog. I will be creating a membership area as we go. I do not want to duplicate what the mentors are already doing; I Want to stick with what I am good with, which is selling the tools.

In one of the courses in the special offer, Dr Dreyer teaches students how to start a business with nothing. He calls it the Rainmakers Business. Just this course on its own is worth getting a student today. I started my Amazon business with nothing and had more than 500 000% growth on my initial investment of $1.

Find out how you can learn to do the same by becoming a Wealth Creator University student.

Amazon business

The three products I want to promote this week are throttle control. I use something similar my previous motorcycle was R1200RT BMW with a factory cruise control. I traded the bike for a GS 650 and fitted a manual cruise control. The simple mechanisms work perfectly.

Financial freedom allows you to ride when you want, whenever you want, and with whom you want.

3 x Best Manual Motorcycle Cruise Control Systems

Product Description From Amazon

Second Cruise Control

Amazon product description

3rd Cruise Control

This is the one I have on my bike it is very affordable but works very well.

Product description from Amazon

Please go to the Amazon website by following the links provided, reading the reviews, or browsing for your perfect next motorcycle accessory.

Best Insurance Tip

The Wikipedia definition of Risk and Dr Dreyer's doctorate on risk say you must always work on reducing the risk. Insurance is such a tool. You are changing the unknown with a premium, something you can budget.

For example, I have the best motorcycle insurance on my bike. About two years ago, I went for a track day. The day's intention was a cornering course, but it was a full-on race day for me. I have spent a great deal of time practising my braking in corners, and although my bike is a lot slower, one of the bikers who were with me the previous day could not catch me.

When the session finished, he came up to me and said Oom, I do not know what you are doing, but Oom, I can't catch you.

In South Africa, young people call older men "Oom," similar to calling someone more senior than you uncle. On Dr Dreyer's course, you will see that they refer to him as Oom Hannes if you go into his webinars.

On the second track, he was a lot quicker than me, and I crashed in my attempts to pass some slower traffic to keep up with him.

I paid extra on my insurance to participate in track days, and insurance also paid for my hospital stay and medical costs. I would not have allowed myself to take money from other goals to pay for my bike. I would also not let for dangerous activities to derail my plans. I have the best insurance in place.

Buy the best insurance and reduce the risk of stealing from your future.


I have finished the landing page on the website for people to enter. If you purchase the special offer, you stand the chance of winning back the costs if you purchase the course through my affiliate link.

I earn an affiliate commission from all the links posted in this article, and it is the business I use to grow my $1

Lesson from the teachers!

Best way to become financially free!

- It would be best if you created a goal to reach it.

- You must know it is possible, that you can do it, and that you have control of the outcome.

- You must know where to get the information and the tools to reach such a goal.

- It would be best if you had a mentor, a teacher, a guide, somebody with the experience and proof that he had done something like this before.

Questions & Answers

Does Audible only do self-help or business books?

Answer. I told you Amazon started selling books a long time ago. They are good at it. I just played around with searching things.
Here is an example of the Three Best Language Learning Books Best Books to learn Spanish Best Books to learn French
Best Book To Learn sign language
Learning a language can land you a teaching job.
Just ask for the best in whatever you are searching for.

You keep on pushing forward, Dr Hannes Dreyer. What if I don't like him? Are there other people from whom I could learn?

How much is Amazon paying you? How good are your writing skills, and how much are you earning from writing anything?

But how much should a person spend on education? The products you promote are expensive.

Where do I start my road to financial freedom?

When are you financially free?

I do nut understand the relevance of Amazon on your post.


What do you want to achieve if you decide to learn?

What is the intention?

For example, my intention in learning to write articles is to grow my business and secure financial freedom.

If I do not write or write articles that will not earn me any income, I am wasting my time.

Many want to get rich, which is not bad, but being rich is not just money.

Achieving financial freedom must be the ultimate finacial goal that makes life's other goals much easier.

Why wait for your golden years?

My message to young people is to start their financial freedom plans now.

Do you like my art

Click on the picture and follow the link to the best affiliate teacher.

Albert Schuurman


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