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Are you moving office soon?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Office Contents Insurance

What does office contents insurance cover?

Defined Events

Loss of or damage to the contents of a bonafide office from

1. Fire, lightning, thunderbolt, subterranean fire, explosion.

2. Storm, wind, water, hail or snow, excluding loss of or damage to property from undergoing any process involving the use or application of water.

3. Earthquake but excluding loss of or damage to property in the underground workings of any mine.

4. Aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom.

5. Impact by animals, trees, aerials, satellite dishes or vehicles, excluding damage to such animals, trees, aerials, satellite dishes, cars, or property in or on such vehicles.

6. Accidental breakage of mirror glass, plate glass tops to furniture or fixed glass forming part of any article of furniture.

7. Power Surge provided that 1. the Company’s Liability for any claim or number of claims for any one event or series of events with one originating cause or source shall not exceed R50 000; 2. the Insured shall be responsible for a First Amount Payable of 10% of a claim subject to a minimum of R500; 3. the condition of average does not apply to this limited cover.

The cover may differ from company to company and form part of a business insurance policy.

Office furniture and equipment is any movable property used for furnishing or equipping an office, including items like desks, chairs, and filing cabinets. You will need to check the terms and conditions of your policy to see what is covered.

Office Contents

Insurance covers the contents of your office, furniture, and other equipment, including landlord fixtures, fittings, or items the insured may be responsible for. It does not cover the building itself

optional cover includes

Rent, documents and liability from records.

Movable Office Property

That is not otherwise insured, such as furniture and equipment. It also covers certain types of events, like theft.

Professional and municipal fees. Cover limited to the premises described in the schedule.

Legal liability related to documents

Sub-Section D: Legal Liability Documents Legal liability as a direct consequence of loss of or damage to documents as defined in Sub-Section C and in respect of which payment, reinstatement or repair has been made or liability admitted by the company under Sub-Section C unless such payment, reinstatement, repair or liability has not been made or accepted solely because the insured is required to bear the first portion of the loss.


The theft section is separate, and make sure on the schedule it shows the cover to be included.

This cover is subject to a maximum limit referring to your policy schedule.

Entry into or out of the building must be by visible forcible means.


No office contents insurance policy will cover you for 100% of the value of your contents. There will always be a deductible, the first portion of the loss you must pay. Insurers use either a fixed excess or a percentage of the claim.

Other business equipment

Other business equipment is any movable property not included explicitly in the definition of office contents—items like tools, machinery, or stock-in-trade.

This cover is subject to a maximum limit referring to your policy schedule.

This cover is subject to a maximum limit.

Guaranteed premiums

I have only seen guaranteed premiums on annual policies where clients paid for a year in advance. In South Africa, Insurers can give 30 days’ notice to amend premiums.

Electrical equipment inside

Electrical equipment like fridges, microwaves any item that does not qualify as electronic equipment

Hidden fees

Not allowed by law

Forced entry

Condition entry into or out of the building by visible forcible means


The insurance industry created the section specifically for bonafide offices, but the industry started adding the cover to every business over time. Most companies have an office; you can add the section to your business insurance.

Albert Schuurman

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