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3 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Health Assessments for Vitality in January 2024

You should start here if you are a new or existing Discovery Vitality member.

Do the basic assessments on the app first.

More than 50% of Vitality members don't do the Vitality Health Check, and if you have never done it or did it last year to get points, do it again in January to set your goals for the year. It forms the basis of this entire Health & Wellness program.

1) Unlock the rewards

2) Learn about your health

3)Get going with your points goal for the year.

Before we discuss what you need to do, let us run through the benefits first.

  1. Flights

  2. HealthyFood

  3. HealthCare

  4. HealthyBaby

  5. HealthDining

  6. Sports gear @ and equipment

Depending on your status, you get up to a 10% discount by activating the benefit.

Doing the online Vitality age assessment increases up to 15%

Doing a physical health check increases the discount to up to 25%

With Discovery Bank, the benefits of Flights & HealthyFood are up to 75%, and HealthyCare & HealthyBaby are up to 50%

Unlock the rewards

Many Vitality members do not realise the benefits are so significant, and leaving it to later or even the end of the year costs you a lot of money.

Members know they have to do their assessments to earn points and leave everything to the end of the year to earn points, not realising they lose a lot of money.

Scan through the questions & answers below. There is some important information.

2) Know your health

They test 6 things that impact your health, and they are

1) Smoker status

2) Blood glucose

3) Cholesterol

4) Blood pressure

5) Weight

6) HIV

I always ask the question, if you know your blood pressure is high, will you do something about it?

You probably will

Doing the tests at the beginning of the year allows you to do something about it and go for them again later in the year. That will enable you to earn the points you need to change your status and better your health.

Earn Points

Besides the benefits, I like to earn points early in the year because it is difficult to make up points at the end of the year.

I like to see my Vitality goals as a game and play it to win.

Somebody mentioned to me just this week that Vitality is expensive. I thought to myself that bad health is way more expensive.

Discovery Vitality increased the points for doing the physical test from 2500 points to 5000 points. They want to encourage members to do the test to increase early detection and protect members' health in the long term.

Even if you think you are going to do badly in the test, this is a motivation to do it.

Ask AI

I asked Artificial Intelligence to write something about Discovery Vitality; the answer is excellent!

What is Discovery Vitality

Discovery Vitality is a wellness rewards program that encourages and rewards members for living a healthy lifestyle. Members can earn points by completing health assessments, going to the gym, buying healthy food, and more. These points can then be redeemed for rewards such as flight discounts and gym memberships. The program aims to motivate and empower individuals to make positive changes in their health and well-being, ultimately leading to a healthier and happier life.

Discovery Vitality Benefits

Discovery Vitality offers a range of benefits to its members, including:

1) Discounts on healthy food, healthcare, sports gear and equipment, and dining

2) Access to exclusive events and experiences

3) Discounts on flights and travel packages

4) Cashback on selected purchases

5) Gym and fitness class discounts and rewards

6) Discounts on movie tickets and entertainment

7) Rewards for completing health assessments and achieving fitness goals

8) Access to online tools and resources to help improve health and wellness

These benefits are designed to encourage and motivate members to live healthier while rewarding them for their efforts. By taking advantage of these benefits, members can save money, improve their health and well-being, and enjoy various exclusive perks and rewards.

Thank you to Grammarly AI. It is excellent; I can keep going with the questions. I got Grammarly AI to answer some more questions in my Q&A below.

On our website,, we have created a group to assist our clients with information about Vitality.

Who can join the group?

Clients of AS Brokers, follow the link and find points & rewards in the list of groups. The group is not on social media.

Power of groups

Risk of blood pressure

Risk of cholesterol

How long is the additional cash-back benefit valid?

Where does Vitality pay the cashback?

When does Vitality activate the rewards for doing the tests?

Can you do the test more than once a year?

How long does the test take I do not have time for this!

I believe that there are three types of Vitality members

1) The active member who knows exactly how it works

2)The passive members know they have to do something, but they need to be pushed or pulled

3) The member who bought the benefit but never used it before.

The rewards are just too big to ignore. Get going by doing your health assessment today.

The online assessment

The psychological assessment online

Physical assessment: I do mine at DisChem


Start your Vitality journey today

If you do not have Vitality, get it

If you do have Vitality and do not use it, you are wasting good benefits. The benefits are too significant to ignore.

You know what I am talking about if you are on it and use it.

A wellness program disguised as a loyalty benefit acting as a rewards program, very clever is all I can say.

Albert Schuurman

An independent advisor for AS Brokers cc since 1999, accredited to sell Discovery products.

I wrote the article using sales material available on the internet and information available to me as a member of Vitality for about 20 years. I find creating content about something is a great way to educate myself. You can find more content on or follow me on YouTube.

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