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The Basic Guide For​ Long Term (Life) Assurance Tax & Risk Planning

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For Individuals

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Information Needed To Quote

The items on the list are created as a guide for the cover available and a guide to get a quote.

Key Subjects

The main benefit of the list is as follows.

  • To improve existing products and planning.

  • To learn about new products and needs and to save time and money.

  • Identify risks to protect the people financially dependent on their estates.

The main reasons why people buy life cover.

  • Income for dependants 

  • Cover Debt

  • Cost of dying (Estate Duties, Funeral & Tax) 

Life assurance can be divided into 4 main categories

  • Death 

  • Permanent Disablementnt

  • Temporary Disablement or income protection

  • Severe Illness or Dreaded Disease


Many extras get added to policies for example 

  • Funeral cover

  • Premium waivers

  • Cover for children

  • Paid up benefits 

  • Cash Conversions

  • Integrators (Discovery Vitality)


Here are the main things that affect your premiums. 

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Qualifications

  • Occupation

  • Daily tasks, admin, manual labour, travel and supervision

  • Smoker Status

  • Gross income

  • Professional

  • Age you want to retire

  • More information on our downloadable list   

You will have to complete an application and a snapshot is taken of your health at the time of application.

Our slogan that says you cannot buy it when you need is not more appropriate than on life assurance. When people are young and healthy they cannot afford it and they do not need it.

when they get older they need it and they can afford it but then cannot get it.

Albert Schuurman

Additional Information That Can Assist

Provide us with information like belonging to a medical aid, or a member of Vitality and tell us about hobbies and sports activities. 

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Take Action, You Can't Buy Insurance When You Need IT! 

Contact AS Brokers CC If You Are A Business Owner In South Africa 

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