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The Basic Guide For​ Long Term (Life) Assurance Tax & Risk Planning

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For Businesses, Business Owners And Risk Managers Of Small Medium And Large Business 

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List Of Life Assurance, Finance And Planning For Discussion With Financial Advisor, Accountant, Finance Partners And Family Lawyer.

Successful business owners surround themselves with advisors. The items on the list is created as a guide for things to discuss with the four advisors mentioned above.

The Life Assurance needs for the business owner is way more complicated than that of the normal person. There are many things to consider and the need of an advisor is of vital importance to help to identify the needs.

The business and the owner have unique needs, and no two companies conditions are the same. We have created a checklist to create a base document to start conversations and help to identify needs.​

Key Subjects

The main benefit of the list is as follows.

  • To improve existing products and planning.

  • To learn about new products and needs and to save time and money.

  • Give greater insight into the subject of business financial planning.

  • Identify risks to protect the business, its people and their individual estates.

  • Grow the business.

  • Save Tax

The receiver of revenue is your partner in life and death. Tax evasion is illegal, but you have to structure your affairs in such a way as to pay the least amount of tax. A significant part of the business owner's financial plan is taxation, continuation, estate planning, and growing the business. A business without access to finance will find it difficult to grow and expand.

Most business people I have met never thought about their exit strategy.

Albert Schuurman


List For Business Owners To Use As A Checklist Or Agenda

-Partnership Agreement

-One-Sided Buy& Sell

-Buy & Sell Agreement Partners

-Key Man Cover

-Contingent Liability -Financed Items

-Signed Surety For The Business

-Debit Or Credit Loan Accounts

-Share Options

-Pension Fund (Staff)

-Staff Group Benefits (Death, Disability, Income protection and Dreaded Disease)

-Medical Aid (Staff)

-Medical Gap Cover

-Business Structure

-Trust Structure

-Last Will & Testament

-Continuation Plan


-Business Finance

-Long term liabilities

-Loans to outsiders

-Creditors (Bad debt)

-Loans to directors

-Large debtors (individuals who owe large amounts)

-Deferred compensation

-Short-term finance

-Workman's Compensation

-Compliance with laws applicable to your industry

​-Tax Planning

-Agreements for most of the items above


-Exit Strategy

-Structured Loans To Repay Loan Accounts

-Appoint A Protege​​​

Additional Information To Assist

The following documents should be at hand for the advisor to look at

  • Latest Financial Statements

  • Company Registration Documents

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Security Signed (Surety)

Contracts for items on the list need to be scrutinized for mistakes.

Business owners & directors need to look at the list for the following reasons.

  • Estate planning

  • Continuation

  • Tax

  • Risk

  • Growth

The government immediately becomes your partner and makes it as difficult as possible for you.

The excellent news business owners have the best chance to become very wealthy and structure their affairs to create assets and structure the tax responsibility.​

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Take Action, Make A List Of The Items You Want To Discuss With The Advisors Specialising In The Different Fields

Contact AS Brokers CC If You Are A Business Owner In South Africa 

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