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The Reason People Can't Retire!

They Leave Figuring Out How It Works To The Very Last

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Leaving things to the last moment is part of being human. Have you ever ended up in a line of people, for example, license renewal or voting registration? I recently saw it with the firearm amnesty application process. The problem with waiting with your preparation for retirement is not something that you can fix in a short period. There is not something you can magically do to fix it. The book gives a solution and hope. It provides a detailed description of how it works and provides a secret. Your financial independence is your responsibility, and you need to get in control of the outcome. Are you 100% certain that you will be okay with enough money to see you through to your entire retirement? If not what are you doing about it?

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This Book Will Help You 

Not To Waste Precious Time To Figure Out How It Works

The Problems JC (Our Main Character) Need To Deal With


Why I Wrote This Book?

Losing His Job Forced Him To Use His Pension To Survive
The Conventional Way Of Preparing For His Retirement Is Not Working And No Longer An Option
His Circumstances And Cost Of Living Take Up All His Money With Very Little Left To Save
It Looks Like He Will Need To Help His Wife's Parents, Who Failed to Prepare For Their Retirement.
He Needs To Help His Children To Find Their Feed Financially
JC Have No Idea Where Even To Start

Leaving things to the last moment is part of our lives, I said it before. Traditional financial planning is a long and tedious process. You start saving from a young age, and the effect of compounding and growth on investments helps you have enough for retirement. That is a scenario for a perfect life somebody who works their whole life for one employer, someone who never fails and manages to hang on to their entire savings during their lifetime. How many people I just described do you know?

Suppose you look back in your life. Think about the very first day you start working in your first job. Then think about your first paycheck. How much money have you earned up to where you are now? How much money have you got left to show for it? How much did you manage to save, and will that savings allow you and your spouse if you should retire? Your answer is probably going to be one of the following.

1) I have nothing saved

2) I have savings but do not know how much I am supposed to have

3) I saved more than 15% of my salary since I started my working career. It is appropriately managed and growing at the rate it is supposed to. I know exactly where and when I am supposed to be with my money.

People live according to their means, and we increase our spending to our income. As a child growing up, I remember collecting Matchbox cars, and my pocket money was the exact price of a car every month. Later it was LP records, and the same thing kept happening. What did you think I did as a grown-up?

Retirement planning is not an exact science, and the solution is a combination of things. The purpose of my book is to share my knowledge of how it works.

How serious are you about securing and protecting your financial future? For me finding out how it works took me a long time, effort & money. Have you got the luxury of time & money figuring it all out?

By the way, If your answer looks like the third example, you are part of a tiny % and probably don't need my book😇👌

To Know How It Works Will Not Just Save You Time, It Will Save You Money 


My journey searching for answers started in about 2002. Working with financial planning and having access to retirement calculations, one would have thought finding the solutions would have been easy for me. My search started because a financial plan we use in everyday financial planning only works if

  • The person save the correct amount

  • Start from a young age

  • get a good return on his investment

I saw first hand the majority of people are not described by the three points I mentioned. That lead me to find solutions to the problem.

Facts You Don't Want To Hear

- You are not saving 

- You are not saving enough

- You don't know what to invest in

- Investments is not growing

-Going to run out of money

- No longer be able to afford medical aid

- Going to be dependent on children

-Dependant on government or welfare

- Lose your house

-Lose the ability to keep working

-Have to keep on working

- You know the worries about retirement

-The Worries about old age


Facts You Do Want To Hear

Recognise there is a problem. The problem is huge only about 6% of people will be financially free at age 65


Figure out the solution to the problem.

Get the guidelines of what to do. Why would you struggle to find out how it works if somebody else already did it


You need tools for the job. The job of getting yourself to financial independence need some serious tools do you know where to find them?


You need somebody with experience to help you and to guide you somebody who has done it before. Guides are expensive you would not want to waste money finding the right ones.

I Believe There Are Three Things To Focus On

Money is just one part of financial freedom what about the other things in life. The journey is far more important than the destination. Do you not think figuring out how it works will allow you time to spend on the other important areas of life. Education is expensive, if you are ready to learn you would want to know what works.

3 things to focus on.png

Mindset is #1 because this is what frees us from the stress, pain and challenges we face in daily life. What will knowing the secrets do to your mindset?

Health is #2 because all of the money in the world doesn’t matter if you are too sick to enjoy life. People worry about their health I want to be able to afford my medical aid

Finances are #3 because this is how most of the world survives. Most challenges stem from money problems. I don't want to deal with this when I need to retire

My Personal Guarantee To You

I guarantee that financial educators do not share the secret I share with you in this book. I have spent almost 13 years searching and another six years battling to implement it. Knowing this secret will save you many years of figuring it out, and more importantly, it will save you an enormous amount of money.

I am prepared to give a no-nonsense money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the secret I share in this book for one year after purchase.

About The Author 

My life is not much different from that of JC, the main character in the book.

We both had access to good schooling and the privilege of a middle-class childhood. We are both dreamers and not accepting that God put us on this earth not to attempt to be the best we could be.

We both worked for ourselves in our businesses, and being entrepreneurs is running in our veins.

I started a career in sales part-time and fell in love with it. My wife and I started experimenting with businesses soon after getting married because we could not live the lifestyle we wanted by earning a salary. I can probably write a book about the things we did, the people we met, and the experiences we had.

Failure is part of life, and we had our fair share, and still, the fear of failure holds us back instead of pushing us forward. Maybe it is our nature to look at what we can lose rather than what we can win.

Writing is the one skill I have been experimenting with for a while now, and my goal is to turn it into a gift that can bring me closer to my goals.

My goals are straightforward I want to be able to talk about things I like to people interested in what I have to say. It is so great about the internet you can pull; you do not have to push.

I like this question a lot. Why? More specifically, why financial freedom? Is financial independence a "why" for you too?

I believe people with a big why are responsible for looking after people with no goals and little or no aspirations.

Do not forget the life you promised yourself. I hope my action inspire you to do the same.

Albert Schuurman

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