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The best car insurance in South Africa

Toyota Fortuner.png
Picture from Wikipedia if you like the car read its history and make certain you support Wikipedia financially 

If Your Popular Vehicle Get Stolen

Hi-Jacked or Written Off You Have A Problem

I do not know if it is only me who is seeing the problem but there are no new cars available and dealers are buying popular models for prices higher than what people paid for them.

We offer car insurance on an exclusive package from one of our service providers where you can fix the sum insured (Purchase price for 6 years and if you take the cover in conjunction with an excess waiver you are certain you will get what you paid. My concern is a big discrepancy between what insurance companies say vehicles are worth and what vehicles are advertised for on sites like Auto Trader and Cars 
Contact us for a free quotation. Please note we do not do car insurance on it's own. We need full detail of you the car and your claims experience for the last three years.
Quote On My Popular Model Cars

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